Stainless Steel 304
from P&P Non Ferrous Ltd


Stainless Steel 304

Grade 304 is the most versatile and widely used Stainless steel. It is available in a wider range of products, forms and finishes than any other.


The balanced austenitic structure of grade 304 means it can be severely deep drawn without intermediate annealing. It also has excellent forming and welding characteristics along with good corrosion resistance in a wide range of atmospheric environments.


Due to 304’s deep drawing qualities it has a number of wide ranging uses…


·     Food processing equipment.

·     Kitchen Benches, sinks, troughs, equipment and appliances

·     Achitechtual panelling, railings and trim

·     Chemical containers (including for transport)

·     Heat exchangers

·     Woven or welded screens for mining, quarrying & water filtration

·     Threaded fasteners

·     Springs


Stainless Steel 304 is available from us in bars, flats, hexagons and tubes in the following sizes…



From 1/8” dia – 16” dia



From 20mm x 10mm – 100mm x 12mm



0.3125” dia – 2.5” dia



6mm OD x 1.0mm wall - 50mm OD x 2.0mm wall


1/8mm OD x 25swg wall – 2mm OD x 16swg wall

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